The Unfortunate Misunderstanding of Jerusha and Winston

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“Winston! Dinnah’s ready, da’ling.  Come up from the basement, there and have a wash, yea?” Winston exhaled deeply and he brushed his wet, grayish blonde hair from his forehead.  He looked down and saw a few stray strands stuck to the blood on his rubber gloves.  “Winston!  Dinnah!” “Yes, de'ah!”  The older gentleman looked down at [...]

Big Daddy

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High above the earth in the Colorado mountains, five couples were getting settled in to their winter timeshare.  Every Christmas, this group of friends traveled to different places across the world to spend their Winter vacation. “So, Crystal, how long have you and Antoine been dating?”  Charlene took a sip of her wine. “Only a few [...]


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“Mr. Adams.” Mrs. Rhodes, the theatre history teacher at Samuell High School called for her student to come forward.  “You are the last presentation of the day.”  She sat in her chair and crossed her legs.  Her brown skirt stopped just at the knee and her short red heels matched the red stripes in her earth [...]


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Sunlight. That’s the first thing I see. Sunlight. It pours like thick molasses all over my walls and duvet cover. I roll over and turn my back to the window, but the yellow molasses has spilled under my bed and attacked my clothes on the floor. I lift my eyes to the open closet door and in the corner of [...]

Mom & Pop Set Up Shop

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“Kelly!”  Charles called up the stairs to his wife. “Yea, hunny.”  Charles’ wife, Kelly, walked up behind him, texting on her phone.  She had apparently scared her husband because he jumped and gasped at her response. “Kelly, I thought we had an agreement.  I cook and you decorate.  My parents are going to be here at [...]