June 2, 2018 Zion the Novelist

Book Review: Neighborhood Kandii & Neighborhood Kandii 2

Neighborhood Kandii

Authoress Tee Renee

129 pages

December 29th, 2015


(Spoiler Alert)

     I normally do not partake in urban literature but, I want to support my fellow authors by purchasing, reading and reviewing their art.  And seeing as how Authoress Tee Renee has edited my book, Julie, I was eager to indulge in the literature she has published.  I was a little off-put by the slang spelling, but, I was able to catch on.  Because Renee is an editor, I’m sure I was not sent the final copy because the entire book was centered like a long poem.  And the work was riddled with missed punctuation.  There was an inconsistency in the headers of the chapters that made my little author soul cringe.

Neighborhood Kandii opens with Kandace Mitchell cheating on her husband, Troy.  My attention was successfully caught as Chauncey inserted his small penis and Kandii just laid there.  Unfortunately, I can admit that I have been in a similar terrible situation and like Kandii, hated every minute of it.  Unlike Kandii, I didn’t wait till he was done to inform him of his… minute details.  Kandii, the main character, is the Operations Manager at Club 3000 and though she has little time to waste on her marriage, she always seems to find a moment to sleep with Chauncey (who may be her Uncle), Bobby (another supervisor at the club), and Mo (the female bartender).

If I had to pick I’d say, my favorite character is Ebony.  She is just ratchet and mean but, thinks she’s “hood, but classy…”

I couldn’t relate to any of the characters because everyone was sleeping with everyone or cheating.  I kind of felt a little connection to Lucille but, we are not from the same sexual orientation and she used to drop thousands upon thousands of dollars on young prostitutes.

There also wasn’t too much versatility in the characterization.  Everyone sounded like different versions of one person (Ebony in my opinion).  Between that and the offset dialogue, I stayed confused.  There were times when Nikki and Ebony were speaking and the narration would kind of switch so it appeared as if the other person were telling the story.

This being the second book I’ve read from Authoress Tee Renee, I was sadly disappointed.  Especially in the way it ended.  When I turned the page to discover that there were no more chapters, I was downhearted.  But, she did send me Neighborhood Kandii 2 so, I shall be reading that soon.

Neighborhood Kandii 2

215 pages

January 26th, 2016


(spoiler alert)

     This sequel answered all of the questions that the previous book left me with.  And for that, I am pleased.  In fact, everything that failed to impress me with Neighborhood Kandii was not so in this follow-up.

In Neighborhood Kandii by Authoress Tee Renee, there was a lack of distinction between the characters as nearly all of them sounded like the same person.  Everyone appeared to have the same personality.  In Neighborhood Kandii 2, I was able to see characterization.  Ebony was still scheisty but her cousin, Nikki was compassionate.  I couldn’t quite figure Troy out.  He seemed professional and a sucker when women are involved.  But, his whole personality changed whenever he had to interact with a man.  I didn’t know if he was putting on or he came from a different past.  Although Chauncey and JDubb sounded like the same person, JDubb was my favorite character in this book because his little brother turned his back on him after he paid the ultimate price of taking the rap for his brother’s sins.

I did question whether Nikki knew Troy was married or not because, in Neighborhood Kandii, Troy kept reminding her that he didn’t want to have sex because he was married. But, in the sequel, she swears up and down that she didn’t know.  I could not tell if that was an author error or she forgot due to the injuries she suffered from the ass whooping Kandii delivered in the first book.

The book did prove to be far more interesting than the one before it, but what did stand out to me was how the Authoress chose to write her dialogues.  There was never a ‘Nicole stated‘ or ‘Lucille hesitated before saying‘.  And I believe that was the author’s choice and although I am not used to that writing style, it didn’t make the reading hard.  As my mother says, it left room for the imagination.  Because there were times when I was curious as to how people were feeling or what was happening around them, I chose to paint the picture myself.

Collectively, Authoress Te Renee, I give both of these books 3 out of 5 stars.