May 9, 2018 Zion the Novelist

Book Review: the Jots & Tittles

The Jots & Tittles

Compiled by: Elder D. H. Bonner

Momentum Publishing

Publication Date: January 10, 2018

244 pages



Ms. Bonner sent the Jots & Tittles to me for review and I was very eager to crack it open but, I soon discovered that this body of work was an anthology composed of five authors.  So, below I have decided to write a separate review for each story.  Let us begin!

Tittles are small distinguishing marks.  It is an integral part of the glyph of i and j.

The Plan by Dr. Joy Lough

Normally, when I receive a new book to review it takes me, on average, about a week to read through.  Between daily life activities and my work schedule, I did not finish in as timely a manner as i had hoped.  Finishing Jots and Tittles has taken me longer than a week to get through.  It has taken me two weeks just to make it through The Plan.  I am writing this review as I have just finished this particular short story and I truly hope that every story after this is supremely better.  I am unsure if Lough had intended to write a story or just a collaboration of sentences.  I was not clear upon the point of these pages.  The minimal dialogue was unnecessarily italicized, the scriptures were random and the content was vague and lacked suspense, drama and character.  If this piece were to be turned into a full length novel, I would not recommend.  I give the Plan 1 out of 5 stars.


The Color of Character by Min. Elaine Montford

The Color of Character was a breath of fresh air after reading the previous story.  This is what I thought Christian fiction was; a good story with a spritz of Christianity and Christian morals.  It didn’t have an overuse of Jesus.  It didn’t have unrealistic Christian advice like most Christian pieces.  Even the words of wisdom from the friend in the piece was something a person would need to hear.  Instead of “pray about it” or “God’s got you”.

I particularly liked how this story seemed sort of science fiction incorporating black characters.  My imagination was able to go off on its own tangent but I was still able to relate to the characters.

Montford’s style of writing was easy to read but also reflects that she herself is no novice to this game of writing.  I actually look forward to reading more from her.

I give The Color of Character 4 out of 5 stars.


The Other Sister by Elder D. H. Bonner

I loved this piece because I am a pastor’s daughter and this short was birthed from one of my favorite bible stories; the Prodigal Son.  I wish we knew what happened with Deran when she left because I relate to her so much.  Get money and leave ASAP.  My brother is more like Synthia.  He will save every dime and live with my parents before he just jumps out and does something.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed this story, there just seemed to be too many holes.  What has Deran been doing for the past two years?  Why was Pastor Marcus at the club?  And why couldn’t he do “this” anymore?  Was he married?  Why was Synthia talking so much about Drake in Marcus’ presence?  And why did she think he and Deran needed to be introduced?

And then it just ended!  I was so lost as to what I was supposed to gain from the story.  And that is why I give The Other Sister 3 out of 5 stars.

(unfortunately my copy of Jots & Tittles was lost in my move from Atlanta to Las Vegas so I am unable to complete this book review at this time.  I will complete once I purchase a new copy.  I am saddened though.  My copy was autographed!)