February 11, 2018 Zion the Novelist

Book Review: Souls of a Kindred Flame

Souls of A Kindred Flame

By: Derek J. Garlington

Sayville, NY

EH Graphics Publishing

Publication Date: November 1st, 2016

1st Edition

191 pages



Derek J. Garlington is no doubt a most talented author who deserves as much recognition as fellow authors that also encompass the talent to captivate and craft a world for readers to get engulfed in.

Although we both hail from the illustrious Hampton University, I had the pleasure of messaging Garlington via Facebook back in June of 2017.  We briefly spoke about his book and his new film campaign.  I was deeply gratified to discover that he was turning his body of work into a film after having it been released in less than a year’s time.  As we all know, things unexpectedly arise and I unfortunately forgot about Mr. Garlington’s publication.  Nevertheless, it was recoiled in my remembrance and I quickly ordered my paperback copy.

I will describe Souls of a Kindred Flame as fascinatingly stimulating.  It actually put me in the mind of The Door to December by Dean Koontz.  The two are enormously different but equally captivating.  In The Door to December, 9-year old Melanie can see another world or dimension on the same plane as ours.  She developed her abilities by being left for days on end in a sensory deprivation tank.  And her mother struggles to help her because she cannot visualize what threatens her daughter.  In Souls of a Kindred Flame, 18-year old Devinity is a recent high school graduate completely focused on finishing her sketch portfolio in hopes of obtaining a successful career as an artist.  She is young, smart, beautiful and an avid meditator.  Whilst meditating with her MMA fighter boyfriend, Fotigui (pronounced Foe- tee- gi) atop a boulder at the beach, she makes a special connection to the past world.

My favorite aspect of this work was how the author put himself into the story.  The fighting scenes and the moment when Devinity is introduced to the Manifestation Grid are detailed in such a way that my imagination does not have to veer on its own path.  I am unaware of whether Garlington believes in the energies that he wrote about but, he did an outstanding job of explaining the different theories of reincarnation and other dimensions.

That being said, my favorite character in the story was Rachael.  Rachael was full of positive vibes and her belief in spirits and energy made her an interesting character to read about and get attached to.  She had loose blonde dreads, she lived in the woods and she was a connoisseur of the marijuana plant.  As I read, I looked forward to Rachael appearing on the pages.

I do recommend this book as a good read and I highly anticipate the sequel.  Mr. Derek J., I’m going to give Souls of a Kindred Flame 4.5 out of 5 stars.  It had elements that I was not used to reading about and did not disappoint.  Your writing style is one that I thoroughly appreciate and tip my hat to you for.