January 8, 2018 Zion the Novelist

Book Review: When Wrong Feels Wright

When Wrong Feels Wright
By: CheyNaRey
Newark, CA
Smooches Heffa
212 pages

Great read is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

This year, I have planned to do more book reviews. The best thing you can do for an author is review their book. So, on Christmas Day, I decided to gift myself with a few books from my author peers on Instagram. After all, how can you truly support someone if you do not purchase what they are selling?
I picked up my book from the UPS box 4 days ago and could not wait to begin my read. The cover of When Wrong Feels Wright is preciously decorated with sugar plum lip gloss kisses. As an author myself, I do struggle with appropriately marketing my book. When you don’t market properly, you lose a lot of money but, you also learn what isn’t beneficial to your brand. What attracted me to CheyNaRey as an author, was her effortless way of marketing her body of work. All of her fans that purchased the book, took selfies wearing Sugarplum lipgloss! #Perfect. That definitely captivated me to make the purchase. But, as I am a tomboy, I had no intention of wearing purple lipgloss.
When Wrong Feels Wright is about a young woman by the name of Alexandria Miller who ends up dickmatized by the wonderfully endowed Lonnie Wright. Over time, the two fall in love with each other as Lonnie financially catered to Allie and she reciprocated with hypnotizing physical activity. The entrepreneur had only one rule, “no babies”. And his loving demeanor quickly changed to violent when Lonnie became informed of Allie’s pregnancy.
Allie had two best friends, Brielle and Tia. Brielle started off as being my favorite character. She is so full of honesty, “I don’t give a fuck” and straight to it-ness. Tia is a sad sap desperate for affection wherever she can find it. But they’re both very poor examples of true friendship. I ended up hating them both! (You have to read the book to see why.) My favorite characters are Lonnie Wright and Shane, Allie’s younger brother. Shane is the most flamboyant HETERO man but, he reminds me of my best friend… who is homosexual.  In an effort not to spoil the story, I’ll have to leave it at that.
I loved this story. I honestly thought that it would not be as interesting as it was. I have read many manuscripts and novels that were very hard to get through. This one, however, kept me engaged. The only reason why it took me four days to read was because of my hectic schedule. I highly recommend this book. I give it 5/5 stars!