January 4, 2018 Zion the Novelist

Fat Be Gone Tour: The Final Performance (Day 2)


“A strong positive attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.” ~Patricia Neal

Song by Zaiah Burke

Day 2 of the Fat Be Gone Tour was the best and worst day.  My abs were still sore from the previous days workouts but I had to push through.  I mean, I have 138 more days to go.

It was the best day because on Day 1, I had to do squats.  And Candice told me to make sure my legs touch the bench.  That is how I would know if I was low enough.  The first day, I couldn’t touch the bench.  But on Day 2, I touched the bench every time!  Every exercise she gave me, I pushed through!  I was ELATED!

It was the worst day when I lay down on the mat, Candice stood on my feet, held her hands out and told me to sit up until I could touch them. And I couldn’t!  And you may be thinking, “baby steps, Zion.  Baby steps.”  But, never in my life have I not been able to do a sit up.  Never have I not been able to do a crunch.  And what makes it so sad; it wasn’t like I couldn’t do it because I was in pain.  It wasn’t like my back was hurting or I was in some uncomfortable position.  Nope.  My body physically could not get off of the floor to touch her fingertips.  And even when I was pushing through the other exercises, I had my eyes closed.  And when I opened them, tears were falling.  Am I crying?  Yes.  I didn’t even realize it.  Hadnt even noticed until I was wiping tears away.

But that’s even more motivation.  Day 3 will be better.  Day 3, I’ll touch the bench, I wont cry through the motions and I’ll touch the fingers.  Fingers crossed for Day 3!


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